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Douglas Pratt's DVD-Laser Disc Newsletter, the key source of information about the world of DVD (and LD), is a monthly periodical containing dozens of reviews as well as news, ads and more, including a single-glance summary of every new DVD scheduled for release.

    "Mr. Pratt . . . writes with a warm and accessible style."
        - The New York Times
    "Pratt's seminal work goes beyond like-it-or-not criticism to examine the transfer of film to disc in terms of composition, sound encoding and color stability. Pratt has become a force in film preservation, in opening our eyes and ears to how a film should be presented and in encouraging us to demand top quality at home. . . . Entertaining, informative, and detail-packed. . . ."
       - Rolling Stone
    "A virtuoso guide"
       - Roger Ebert

The Newsletter is published the first week of every month. Subscriptions are $47.50 for one year and $75 for two years in North America. Outside of North America: $70 for one year, $130 for two.

SPECIAL OFFER! For domestic (US) subscribers only, you can now get 5 issues for for only $22.95!

You have two payment choices (online ordering is temporarily unavailable):

  1. Fax your order to: 516 594 9307: include your credit card number and expiration date.
  2. Mail a check or money order (or credit card number and expiration date) to:
            Laser Disc Newsletter
            P. O. Box 420
            East Rockaway, NY 11518

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